Meet the team


Jeff Conklin is the president and ‘brains’ behind the CogNexus Group.

Jeff Conklin,  President and Founder

Jeff Conklin is the President and Founder of CogNexus Group and the CogNexus Institute. Via his research and experience over the past two decades he has garnered an international reputation in the fields of hypertext and collaborative technology. His professional experience as a facilitator, consultant, and teacher has helped many senior executives at some of the world’s largest companies. He developed the software that preceded Compendium in the 1990’s and is now an advisor to the Compendium Institute. He also developed the Dialogue Mapping™ facilitation technique, a radically inclusive approach to knowledge management that allows groups to capture and make sense of unstructured knowledge that is discussed during project meetings. He is the author of the book,  Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems.  (Read more about Jeff.) .


KC Burgess Yakemovic is the Director of Training for the CogNexus Group.

KC Burgess Yakemovic, Director of Training

KC Burgess Yakemovic has over 25 years of experience capturing and using decision making rationale within both the corporate and small business environments.   She worked with Jeff Conklin during his early research on the technology needed to support the IBIS methodology in the “real world.”   Since January 2011, KC has been the Director of Training at CogNexus.  In addition to her training role, she is a Certified Dialogue Mapper and facilitates both virtual and face-to-face Dialogue Mapping™ and Dynamic Issue Analysis™ sessions with our clients.  She also serves as Logic Mapping Shepherd at FIDO Global, and is the founder of KCBY Consulting.  Her interests include teaching young adults critical thinking skills and helping companies — and individuals — deal with complex problems by increasing the visibility of the elements that make complex problems difficult to resolve.  This approach makes better solutions possible, in less time, and with less expense. .