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About Jeff Conklin

Dr. Jeffrey Conklin, President and Founder, has over two decades of experience and an international reputation in the fields of hypertext and collaborative technology research, and years of professional experience as a facilitator, consultant, and teacher.

Dr. Conklin is perhaps best known for his work with the Issue Based Information System (IBIS) method and extensions of it, such as research tools (“gIBIS”) and commercial products (“CM/1™”, “QuestMap™”) that support IBIS. He is an advisor to the Compendium Institute, which distributes the open source Compendium mapping tool.

Jeff Conklin has facilitated thousands of meetings, with such clients as the World Bank, the United Nations, the US House of Representatives, the City of Washington DC, NASA, FAA, the General Services Administration (GSA), as well as Southern California Edison, AOL, Verizon, AOPA, Doug Engelbart’s Bootstrap Alliance, BP, the California Public Utilities Commission, and other organizations.

Dr. Conklin’s research on collaborative and facilitation technologies has been published in numerous academic journals and conferences. His book about this work, Dialogue Mapping: Creating Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems, was published in 2006 by John Wiley and Sons.

His current research is on the construction of web-based tools for sustainability policy discussion that foster the creation of issue-based knowledge “meta-maps” that are broadly inclusive yet coherent.