How we produce value

We use shared display
to create shared understanding

Shared display is not just a white board or a big computer screen. Shared display is a kind of facilitation that engages participants with the display while causing the display to reflect the comments of the participants.

Shared understanding is a powerful, almost magical phenomenon of socially shared cognition. It transcends individual achievement, technology, personalities, and politics – it is made of the same stuff as a choir singing divinely or a basketball team in perfect synch.  Shared display not agreement about a solution, it is respect for the complexity of the problem space, and a rich appreciation of the diversity of interests and concerns among the stakeholders.  Ultimately, shared understanding is essential to achieving a workable way forward.

Some of the benefits of shared understanding:

  • reduction in duplicated effort and rework
  • minimized number issues that fall through the cracks
  • coherent individual efforts that move the group forward
  • decisions that stick
  • better visibility of critical issues
  • lasting impact on group’s productivity
  • fewer and better meetings