Training Overview

We will help you build your thinking and problem solving skills from the foundation up… to whatever level you want!

Course Overview and Relationship


Each course has been designed to provide you with skills that can add value to your thinking and/or analysis both personally and professionally, so you may stop at any point without being left at an incomplete point.

You will apply the concepts to ‘real world’ situations, wherever possible, so that you learn how to fit the concepts to your work environment from the start.

For more information on each specific course, click on the appropriate Course ID (i.e., C1) below. Or go here to see all of the course details.

Foundation Level

C1: Introduction to Critical and Analytical Thinking using IBIS
C2: Introduction to Compendium: Using Compendium for Critical Thinking

Intermediate Level

C3: Analyzing Writing and Speech with IBIS: Steps toward Critical Analysis
C4: Intermediate Compendium: Using Compendium to Build Bigger and Longer Living Maps

Advanced Level

C5: Capturing the Content of Meetings with IBIS and Compendium
C6: Facilitating Meetings with IBIS and Compendium
C7: Advanced Compendium: Using Compendium as a Group Support tool
C8: Dialogue Mapping™ Certification / Licensing Program