Training Approach

How does the training work?

Information is presented in a series of short (5-15 minute) web-based video segments that you watch on your computer — on your schedule and at your own pace — and which can be easily reviewed if you have forgotten something.

Exercises are interspersed with the video, so that you can try out some of the things you have learned soon after you have learned them.

There are at least three practical application assignments for each course, which have you use what you have learned for a task related to your work, whenever possible.  An instructor will review your work, with detailed and personalized coaching provided.



How much time will it take me to go through the training?
Click here for information on general time requirements.

How can I be sure my work is ‘safe’ with you?
We consider ourselves to be under non-disclosure for all information provided to us by students about their workplace. If you need a specific non-disclosure form signed, we will be happy to do that.

What do I need on my computer to take the training?
Click here for system and software requirements.

I read the Dialogue Mapping book (or I’ve been doing Dialogue Mapping™ since I saw the YouTube video) – which courses can I skip?
Click here for information regarding the assessment process to bypass prerequisite courses.